propic   Welcome to my blog! I am Meghan Allen, a junior journalism major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. When I first became interested in journalism my main focus was on traditional, print news writing, but since transferring to UMass last year I have changed my focus to broadcast journalism, an area that I have become extremely passionate about. I currently work as the outreach coordinator for UVC-TV 19 where my job includes creating promotional videos for groups and organizations on campus. I am also a member of UVC-TV 19’s new team, where I get experience working in front of and behind the camera in the production of our weekly show UMass This Week.

My long-term goal is to break into the field of broadcast reporting, hopefully working for a world news organization as an anchor or correspondent, but my short-term goal is to learn everything that I can about journalistic techniques in all media forms. Although I have yet to do much with blogging or writing for the web, I am exciting for this new experience!


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  1. Nice job and I like your design. Your photo gets a little blurry in this layout — do you have a better horizontal photo to use. Also, you can get rid of the WordPress links on your right sidebar.


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