The Future of Journalism: My Changing Perspective

I can truly say that my experience in this class has affected me, and my views as an aspiring journalist, and that I have seen an immense change in my work and myself over the past semester.

Through this class I have developed a heightened interest in multimedia journalism, which I can see in myself and through my work. When I came into this class, I had a pretty narrow focus and completely saw my future in the field of broadcast journalism. I saw broadcast journalism as the future of journalism; however, I now see the future of journalism in a much broader light.

Today, I mainly see the future of journalism as being web based; with multimedia journalism that integrates writing, videos, and photography to create a full package. When I came into this class, I was really all about video. While I still feel images and videos can be the best way to tell many stories, I now see the strong value of creating multimedia packages to tell a story, including some information in the video piece and other information in the written piece.

My growing understanding of Multimedia journalism can be seen in the differences between my first group project and my second group project.  Our first project was on the closing of Hampshire dining common, and while I did feel I did my best at the time I now see there was an issue in the way we combined the written piece and the video piece. Through the readings and lectures in this class I have learned that in a good multimedia piece, the two pieces compliment each other rather than reiterating what each other are trying to accomplish. In this first project I do not feel I had yet grasped this concept. The visual piece is an edited series of people’s opinions on the matter, and the written piece in pretty much a summary of the situation. However, looking at them now I can see that in many ways they are reiterating each other as opposed to focusing on distinct aspects of the topic. Between the first piece and this piece on The Old Chapel I feel that I learned a lot and was very successful in creating an effective multimedia piece.

Through this class my outlooks on blogging and using social media as a journalist have completely changed. Going into this class, I had barely ever blogged before and had a twitter account but never used it. Through this class I have learned how valuable these tools and others like it really are for a journalist.

Looking back on the blogs I did at the beginning of this class, I notice a progression in the way I write my blogs. When I first began blogging I blogged the way you should write a research paper. As the class went on I learned more about blogging and began to enjoy doing it, and my online writing style has progressed. 


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